Hydrographic Printing (Dipping)

Hydrographic printing is fantastic technology that allows us to offer services applying a choice of hundreds of different patterns, textures and designs onto an enormous array of objects. This process called “water transfer printing” enables us to apply a pattern to customise nearly any item you can think of. Typical applications would include camo dipping and carbon dipping.


Typical applications are car detailing, prototype coating and customisation of vehicle or product parts but as this is such a new technology with so many applications the possibilities are truly endless.

A Professional Service

We have a long background in more traditional vehicle and marine customisation draw from this expertise to provide you with a great service and unique product.81ko9FST5nL._SL1280_

The Process
The hydrographics or water transfer printing process is an advanced system that allows us to apply patterns or designs to complex objects. The object is prepared by sanding and applying a base coat paint and dipped into our hydrographic tank where an ultra thin film is applied to all parts of the objects surface. The coated object then has a protective clear coat applied

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